Meet the Author

When she heard the words “this is a difficult and unusual case”, she knew this would be a rough ride.

Donna Moore was born and raised in Georgia. She graduated from University of Georgia, moving to Portland, Oregon to begin her accounting career. Upon obtaining her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate, she moved to Arizona to be back in sunshine.

In June 2010, she received a diagnosis that would change her for the rest of her life. To keep her husband, Tim, positive and to reduce her own fear, she immediately began thinking of ways to turn the devastating news into something positive.

At the encouragement of friends and family who read the e-mail updates Donna sent about her condition, Donna was inspired to write this book. She is not a writer, and doesn’t even like to read herself. Yet she was compelled to share what she learned to help others.

Donna and Tim enjoy hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. They have devoted time to help other cancer patients deal with the emotional roller coaster in a positive way.

This will be the one and only book Donna will publish.